Mobile Unit

Cordeirão Móvel


This unit works as a specialized mobile laboratory for reproduction, production and product quality improvement, also servicing in the planning of meat offer to ovines and caprines.

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The AgroMobile is provided with equipment and technologies for monitoring and characterizing the critical factors which interferes in the agricultural production, in addition to give support to the guidance in nutritional handling, feeding, pasture and zootechnical management, with the aim of structuring the productivity.

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Vaca Móvel

Mobile unit provided with laboratory instruments which allow the performance of milk test and analyzes during the services in properties. It is used in milk quality monitoring and solutions oriented to animal health and welfare.

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Gene Móvel

This unit is equiped with oocyte aspiration and selection equipment oriented to the production of embryos by means of in vitro fertilization. Mobile Gene's internal environment is acclimated and provides structure and optimum conditions to handling genetic material, ensuring the efficiency in processes as well as quality in results.

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Rufião Móvel

Utilizado para monitoreo y evaluaciones reproductivas, en Rufián móvil está compuesto con equipamientos de ultrasonidos para diagnóstico de gestación, más allá de instrumentos para inseminación artificial y para colecta y análisis de semen.

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