ESG Environmental, social and corporate governance

Our experience in ESG since 2006

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Unit that provides consulting services and technical support to the productive, technological, social and commercial development of company stakeholders and generating shared value

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template_200x200-icone-RSE-ambientes Fields of Work
  • Surrounding Rural Communities and Influence Areas
  • Rural Suppliers, Associations, Cooperatives and Groups of Producers
template_200x200-icone-RSE-solucoes-servicos Solutions and Services
  • Organization of producers
  • Human Development
  • Production Structuring
  • Servicing rural communities
  • Qualification Workshops
  • Strategic Planning
  • Involvement of Communities
  • Development of rural suppliers
template_200x200-icone-RSE-formas-atuacao Forms of Work
  • Consulting: Quality, Productivity, Innovation and Sustainability
  • Technical Support: Agricultural Production and Cattle Production
  • Rural Extension: Courses, Workshops, Clinics, Training, Demonstration Units, Fairs, Studies, Researches, Diagnosis
template_200x200-icone-RSE-metodologia Methodology of Work

Scheduled and systemic actions which are shared and oriented to innovation and technology, knowledge construction, development of cooperation, environmental management, sector organization and process management.

template_200x200-icone-RSE-recursos Resources

We have experienced multidisciplinary teams duly qualified to supporting the producers in several regions of the country. We also use mobile units provided with equipments to bring technology to the field and give support to works by means of tests and diagnosis directly performed in the property.

Where We Are Working

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Estado - Goiás: -15.827037, -49.836224
Estado - Minas Gerais: -18.512178, -44.555031
Estado - Mato Grosso do Sul: -20.772230, -54.785153
Estado - Mato Grosso: -12.681871, -56.921099
Estado - Pará: -4.740675, -52.382813
Estado - Paraná: -25.252089, -52.021542
Estado - São Paulo: -22.998852, -48.603516
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