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AgroMóvel – Agriculture

Mobile consulting support unit, provided with equipment and technology for monitoring and characterization of critical factors and that interfere in agricultural production.

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This projects suggests good practices actions for artisanal cheese making, via adequacy of processes to sanitary norms in effect and productive planning.

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Sheep and beef goat structured production project, through adequacy of handling and herd reproduction adjustments and focus on production of offspring.

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CTR – Milk

Itinerant training program for dissemination of technologies and practices on milk production in small rural properties.

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De grão em grão – Santarém

Project hired from Fundação Cargill to render services to implement the grain to grain program to develop production, offer and awaken to the consumption of healthy and quality foods.

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Do Campo à Mesa (From the Field to the Table)

Partnership project with Instituto InterCement and BNDES, to strengthen the Family Agriculture Association of the Municipality of Cajati (AAGFAM), through actions for social organization, management, production, trade and infrastructure for handling of horticultures and fruits.

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Fair Market

Development of assessment projects for adequacy of production processes and social organization for Fairtrade certification.

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Project structured for application of good practices and development of fruit production in tropical and tempered climate.

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In-vitro fertilization laboratory with equipment infrastructure and team qualified for operation of all bovine embryo production stages.

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Incra PR – lot 08 – Loanda

Rendering of technical support and rural extension services in settlement projects of land reform created by Incra (Brazilian Institute of Colonization and Land Reform) in the State of Paraná, in the region of Loanda-PR.

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Integra Horta

Project developed to tend to food industries and their aggregate producers, aiming at normalizing offer, in addition to strengthening relations and enhancing performance.

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MDA More Management

Rendering of ATER’s services to management qualificaiton of family agriculture’s collective ventures aiming at their strengthening and insertion in private instritutional markets in the States of Minas Gerais and São Paulo.

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MDA Sustainability – Lot 2

Rendering of Technical Support and Rural Extension services (ATER) oriented to servicing family farmers with aims at the sustainable developing of productive units in the State of São Paulo.

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MDA Sustainability – Lot 4

Rendering of Technical Support and Rural Extension services (ATER) oriented to servicing family farmers with aims at the sustainable developing of productive units in the State of São Paulo.

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Qorichacra program

Structured project in partnership with Fundação Syngenta Arcos Dourados to promote the development of family farming from production connection with the local and regional market and of the interactions arising from that process.

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Social Biodiesel

Technical Support Program to family agriculture in compliance with the National Program of Biodiesel Production and Usage – Social Fuel

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Tempo de Empreender Cezarina (Time to Undertake)

Partnership project with Instituto InterCement and BNDES to strengthen producer associations in rural venues of Pedra do Amolar and São Bento through technical support and management actions aiming at enhancement of production practices in dairy cattle, aiming at enhancing production and quality of milk.

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Urban Gardens

Take advantage of idle areas and develop wellness and community living spaces for the production of food and revitalization of urban landscape.

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Vaca Móvel

Technology calls carried out with mobile laboratory unit for monitoring milk quality. Including sanitary handling and quality activities and services, with on site diagnostic of milk on the properties.

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