Vaca Móvel


Improve milk quality and hygienic-sanitary conditions related to production, through handling adjustments and introduction of milk control and monitoring techniques.


States of GO, MA, MS, PB, PR, RJ, RO, and SP See in the map

How it Works

The work is carried via testing and analysis of milk carried out on the mobile unit equipped with a laboratory. The tests evidence results of health indicators, nutritional and even reproductive. As of referred results, adjustments and recommendations are forwarded and guided to the producer.

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Map of Work

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Estado - Goiás: -15.827037, -49.836224
Estado - Maranhão: -4.960950, -45.274416
Estado - Mato Grosso do Sul: -20.772230, -54.785153
Estado - Paraná: -25.252089, -52.021542
Estado - Rio de Janeiro: -22.913948, -43.209397
Estado - Rio Grande do Norte: -5.402580, -36.954107
Estado - Rondônia: -11.505734, -63.580611
Estado - São Paulo: -22.998852, -48.603516
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