Social Biodiesel


Guiding and Qualifying family farmers to the production development and application of productive best practice in soybean cultivation


States of GO, MS, MT, PA, PR, SC and SP See in the map

How it Works

The works are developed by means of technical support activities in the property within four distinct phases of the productive cycle. In this context, the producer is provided with guidance about soil preparation, plage and disease control.

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Map of Work

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Estado - Goiás: -15.827037, -49.836224
Estado - Minas Gerais: -18.512178, -44.555031
Estado - Mato Grosso do Sul: -20.772230, -54.785153
Estado - Mato Grosso: -12.681871, -56.921099
Estado - Pará: -4.740675, -52.382813
Estado - Paraná: -25.252089, -52.021542
Estado - Santa Catarina: -27.683528, -50.273438
Estado - São Paulo: -22.998852, -48.603516
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