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Increase productive conditions of the herd through the contribution of improved genetics performed through In Vitro Fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF + TE) technology.


States of PB, RN and SP See in the map

How it Works

The project is based on assessment of the reproductive conditions of future receptors, as well as the selection and preparing of potential herd donors. The receptors are then protocoled and donors aspired for selection of oocytes that are forwarded to the laboratory where fertilization takes place. After the maturation period, the embryos are implanted in recipients. Throughout the entire process, the producer is guided regarding adequate conditions for handling and feeding of these animals. As of 45 days the receptors are subjected to ultrasound gestation diagnostic to check pregnancies.

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Map of Work

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Estado - Paraíba: -7.239961, -36.781950
Estado - Rio Grande do Norte: -5.402580, -36.954107
Estado - São Paulo: -22.998852, -48.603516
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