About IBS

Instituto Biosistêmico is an organization founded in 2006 with objectives oriented to the provision of consulting services, technical support and rural extension.

The institute was created with the intent to promote the development by means of innovation and sustainability. Then, it gathers competences, organizes processes and invests in technology to provide the rural properties with feasible solutions which propitiates concrete results and impact towards the productive system, property structure and development of the producer.

The term Biosistêmico (Biosystemic) and our way of thinking are set by the systemic work and property vision as an integrated and interactive organism.


Conceived on October 2005 by the convergence of ideas coming from a professional group working in projects for sustainable local development in the States of Paraná and São Paulo.

On May 2006, IBS was finally founded and established in the city of Piracicaba/SP with an audacious and important mission of working in rural sustainability and development. Simultaneously, in the same year, in the city of Londrina/PR, the first project office of Instituto BioSistêmico – IBS was inaugurated with the purpose to solidificate its mission with strategic and synergetic works around the social objectives of the company.

New competences are aggregated and new work cells are established in the main productive regions of the country by these two cores.


Instituto BioSistêmico – IBS is a private non-profit organization with administrative and financial autonomy, constituted by means of by-laws containing all the work rules and social objectives.

In the scope of services, there are producer organizations, rural communities, associations, cooperatives, companies and entities working and demanding programs to increment the production, social and environmental responsibility, direclty or indirectly, sponsoring the development through innovative and sustainable actions.


Promote the sustainability by means of systemic actions and application of processes, technologies and competences which contribute to the rural development.

  • Ethics and Responsibility in Relationships
  • Transparent Accountability
  • Loyalty with Partners, Clients and Society
  • Commitment with results
  • Constant Evolution of Competences
  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Fidelity and Confidence

Becoming a reference company in solutions and support services to rural development and sustainability.

Corporate Strategy

Transforming the Relationship and Quality of Services and Solutions in value outcome to our Partners and Clients, contributing to the Sustainable Development.

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